Keep the Romance Alive While Pregnant This Valentine’s Day

Some women have a high libido while pregnant and that’s great! Get that Cosmo magazine and test drive some new moves! Other’s not so much. After the nausea, swollen feet, stretching belly, round ligament pain, and heartburn it can be pretty hard to feel romantic and that’s okay. Toss aside the Cosmo magazine. This is a short, practical guide to pregnant women who just aren’t feeling it this Valentine’s Day.

  • Get dressed up in something that makes you feel sexy.

We all love the mom bun, no makeup, and sweats look because let’s face it- It’s super comfortable. But tonight, wear something to feel sexy.

Hair- If a bun makes you feel sexy- do it. Down and flowing- go for it.

Makeup- You don’t have to take contouring lessons, unless that’s what you want to do! Wear simple mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, eyeliner- either all, one, or none of the above. Whatever works for YOU.

Clothes- glamorous dress? Jeans? Skirt and top? Simple dress? OWN IT!

  • Go out for dinner… or stay in!

If you’re not feeling up to going out, stay in! Plan a date where you and your partner cook your favorite meal together. Maybe Pinterest a big meal you’ve never tried before. Or just go for the mac and cheese. The goal is to get in the kitchen and do it TOGETHER!

  • Slip into some sexy lingerie.

I always hear women say when they are pregnant- “I’m so swollen” “How can I feel sexy carrying a basketball?” “What’s so sexy about stretch marks?

Guess what- your new curves and body ARE SEXY. ROCK IT MAMA. Find lingerie that makes you feel good. Find something that shows off your favorite body part AND that beautiful belly of yours. Or go with a long gown with a silky robe. It’s all about YOU because when you feel good, then the sexy vibes just take over the room.

  • Schedule a boudoir photo shoot.

Take that sexy lingerie you found that makes you feel good and take some photos! Create an album just for your partner. A boudoir shoot isn’t always a Playboy mansion type feel. It can be classy, beautiful, sexy – I’ve heard several times partner’s say they expected something super sexy and seductive and what they found instead was a beautiful work of art. Especially when pregnant, or after having a baby, the partner admires the body of the mother. It’s curves that especially turn men on (studies show this!) and what’s curvier than a pregnant body?

  • You don’t have to have sex.

Again, some women have a high libido and other not so much. Get in that sexy lingerie and cook dinner. Hold hands. Pass some innocent (or not so innocent) touches- a hand on the leg or arm, light brushing their back as you walk by. Cuddle on the couch. Make-out like you’re in high school again. Travel the bases (partners- be aware of the sensitive boobs!). Play a board game. Laugh together! Romance isn’t just about sex, but about being together- really together. So put away the phone, computer, and TV and focus on each other.

  • If you want sex then go for it!

It might be a little awkward maneuvering around your new belly, but have fun with it! Don’t be afraid to laugh. Laughter is sexy and brings you and your partner close together. You are both trying to navigate this so don’t let the awkwardness be uncomfortable. Try new and different positions. Keep going until you find something that works. Have fun.

What are things that you do to feel sexy while pregnant?