Surviving Bed Rest During Pregnancy

As I hit 28 weeks in my pregnancy, our little one decided he was tired of waiting and wanted out. As a result, I have been put on strict bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. Going from 100mph and doing 500 things at once, to a screeching halt at 0 has been extremely difficult and frustrating (especially since nesting has hit hardcore)! So these are some things I have found to survive bed rest for 12 weeks. Let me know if you have any tricks that helped you survive!

  1. Sign up for an online class.

For me, I went back to my Aromatherapy classes, signed up for Doula lectures, and am starting to take online classes to use towards my IBCLC certification. Find something that interests you, that you have always wanted to do, and never had time. Now you have time!

2. Read. 

Whatever you want! It doesn’t have to be baby related. Picking up a good book will let you get lost for hours without the guilt.

  1. Do online food shopping.

Since my husband is working crazy hours (and I’m very particular when it comes to food shopping), I figured I could help out with at least that. My local grocery stores ship your order to your house or someone can pick up the order. I’ve also discovered Thrive Market and Door- to – Door Organics for weekly delivery on fresh veggies, fruits, dairy, and meat. This extra time has given me a chance to price compare, clip coupons, shop sales, and strive towards saving as much money possible on groceries while I’m not working.

  1. Start buying for baby, hospital, and postpartum.

Since I’m saving money grocery shopping, I now have the money to start shopping for things we need for the baby, for the hospital stay, and for my postpartum care. Of course, I shop sales and look into DIY things for my postpartum care (creating my own teas, aromatherapy blends, padcicles, etc).

  1. Download game apps to play with friends and family.

I have to seriously thank my friend for this. She introduced me to GamePigeon – an app for imessages. I’m able to play games  Battleship, Connect 4, Billiards, and so on with friends and family. It’s especially has been good for my husband and I. Since he’s working such long hours, we have limited time together. This allows us to stay connected and laugh throughout the day (trust me- one game may take all day since he will make his move when he can).

  1. Create a snack basket.

Since you can’t get up to make food, a snack basket is a great thing. Keep healthy snacks such as dried fruit and nuts, fresh fruit, cut up veggies and hummus (you can keep in a small cooler) and not so healthy snacks in a basket close by.

  1. Create a basket for older children.

This may include games you can do together, coloring books, puzzles, arts and crafts, and snacks for them.

  1. Buy a fun water bottle.

You most likely need to drink a ton of water on bed rest (yay for bathroom breaks!). Get a fun and large water bottle to reuse. Maybe get one that you can keep track of how many ounces you drink in a day.

  1. Enlist the help of others.

Ask them to take older children to the playground or school, walk the dog, do the dishes, do laundry, sweep or vacuum, or make food. I’m sure everyone wants to keep you and that baby healthy, so they will be more than willing to help out when they can. Have a list ready for them.

  1. Catch up on that series or movies.

We all know life gets crazy and there’s a list of shows or movies you’ve wanted to see. Now is your chance because when the baby gets here, you probably won’t have that chance again for awhile.

  1. Meal plan and prep.

Meal plan so someone can help on Sunday prep the food for the week for the family. That way something only needs to be heated up in the oven or put in the crock pot. Snacks can be chopped, bagged, and prepared. School lunches can be prepped. Another great solution is using something like Meal Train to ask others for help with meals. You can be overrun with food the first week or so, but as time goes on, it starts to fizzle out. This can help people spread the love over the time period you need help with.

  1. Use Essential Oils.

Of course do your research and reach out to a Certified Aromatherapist. You can order good quality oils, carrier oils, and equipment online. Diffuse an uplifting blend during the day and a relaxing one at night (it may be harder to sleep at night since you aren’t doing much during the day). Create a massage blend for achy legs or sciatica (since you aren’t moving much).

  1. Open blinds and windows.

Since you really can’t get outside except for doctor appointments, make sure you are still getting fresh air. Open blinds during the day to let the sun in. Open windows on warmer days (or for 5 minutes on colder days).

  1. Switch positions.

Keep the blood flowing and avoid bedsores and numb butts by switching positions throughout the day. Ask your doctor if there are exercises you can do, such as arm circles or pointing/flexing your feet.

  1. Keep a journal.

I’m not much for journal keeping, but you may find it comforting to journal – write out everything that happens each day.

  1. Write a bucket list to do with baby.

I did this with my first son. I have a list of places I would love to take him to. The list will continue with this child. There will be some weekends you think to yourself “what should we do?” Now you will have more time to actually do it then research it since you have a list.

  1. Have a “spa” day.

Give yourself a facial, manicure, pedicure, etc.

  1. Have a “sleepover” with your friends.

They don’t necessarily have to sleepover, but have your friends come over for a movie night, popcorn, cocktails/mocktails, talk, laugh, play games, have fun!

  1. Watch documentaries.

I personally love documentaries. Watch one that would interest you or take a chance, open your mind and watch one you wouldn’t think to watch. Do the research after watching one. Learn something new.

  1. Start a hobby.

Crochet, knit, cross-stitch, scrapbook, etc. All things that will keep you relaxed and time to go by.