Infertility and Chiropractic Care


This week’s guest writer is Dr. Jonathan Dale- a chiropractor from Dale Family Chiropractic.

At Dale Family Chiropractic the discussion of infertility with couples is no strange topic.  Chiropractic over the centuries has helped many patients maintain their health and start families.  In order to understand how chiropractic helps couples conceive, we must understand how chiropractic care works. 

Chiropractic care is based on the philosophy that the body is designed to heal itself from the inside-out.  The brain communicates with your organs, cells and tissues through the nervous system pathways.  When these passages are interrupted communication changes; as a result, the cells of the organs replicate without the correct information given from the brain (Computer). The Miracle of Conception, while it may seem easy for some couples, can actually be a difficult and stressful venture for others.  In reality, the perfect factors need to be aligned in order for the replication of life to begin.  Chiropractors do not directly treat infertility; however, an optimally functioning reproductive system in both males and females increases the likelihood of pregnancy.

Chiropractic focuses primarily on the alignment of the spinal structure of the human body.  Consequently, reproductive organs communicate with the brain optimally with normal nerve flow.  Furthermore, proper alignment helps the female with conception by increasing proper hormone levels, arousal state and organ positioning.  For example: the uterus sits directly in front of the sacral bone and is attached to the pelvic by means of the round and broad ligaments.   Many times with a chiropractic examination, it is found that the sacral and pelvic bones are not positioned in correct alignment.  This makes an added challenge for the egg and the sperm to meet.  Chiropractic care will focus on relaxing the tight sacrotuberous and round ligaments in addition to aligning the pelvic and sacrum.

An irregularity in female cycles can also cause a challenge to the female for conceiving a child.  When the female has an irregular cycle you know miscommunication already exists between the nervous system, the brain and organs that produce female hormones.  Her estrogen and oxytocin hormones, to name a few are off balance.  Each chiropractic adjustment would then help the body regulate the hormones properly and a woman will begin to ovulate and have regular cycles again.

Men are not off the hook!  The woman’s body may be ready to accept the miracle of developing a baby but her male partner’s reproductive organs may not be working optimally.  If his pelvic and sacral bones are miss aligned also, then it is possible his testies are not producing enough sperm cells or they are too weak to empregnant his female partner.  Additionally, the prostate gland helps the body ejaculate spermatic material.  If the prostate does not have proper nerve supply, then the spermatic material may not eject far enough for the egg to meet the sperm. Finally, Chiropractic will help both the male and female bodies work optimally, allowing both the egg and sperm to have a “productive meeting” to result in the right formula for a baby to be conceived.

~ Dr. Jonathan

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