Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy of the Mother

Dr. Jonathan Dale of Dale Family Chiropractic is our guest this week!

The mother’s body changes as she undergoes the event of pregnancy.  During the first 3 weeks of pregnancy a major miracle takes place.  Where two cells meet together, they rapidly divide and become 10 trillion cells each with a distinct purpose to develop into a target organ with specific functions.  The whole 35-40 weeks is a crucial time period to ensure optimal development.  While the adjustments in late term pregnancy are critical for a relatively uncomplicated birthing event, the adjustments in early term pregnancy are crucial to determine that the connection between mom and baby is ideal.  The umbilical cord will feed the baby and help determine that the fetus growth pattern is developed according to design.

The early development of the fetus begins with the central nervous system (CNS) by week 3. Furthermore, by week 9 the fetus developes the rest of the brain which will begin to control the fetus development from that stage.  Essentially, the fetus becomes a leach to the mother. As gruesome as this may sound, the fetus will continue taking nutrition from the mother. As a result, it is important that the nervous system of both the mother and the fetus have proper neurological control.  The adjustments of the mother’s low back and pelvic region will ensure proper nerve function to the uterus. Additionally, the mother’s hormone levels will remain in check because her brain can communicate ideally with her reproductive organs.  Her stress hormones will remain balanced and her body will properly feed the fetus.

Late term pregnancy can be uncomfortable for the mother depending on the fetus position and how much weight she has gained. Since the late term pregnancy can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful with the added risk to the now late term fetus of taking pain killers, chiropractic is a natural and safe alternative for the mother to find symptom relief and postural help.  The added weight of the fetus and the given fluid which sometimes comes along for the ride changes the mother’s center of gravity often pulling her from the mid back forward. Consequently, subluxations occur in the spine located in the mid back. Furthermore, when she walks the fetus weight pushes down into the pelvic cavity.  This causes compression of the arteries and nerves which run from the lumbar and sacral region down into the pelvic region and legs.  Compression of these areas as you may know causes you to toss and turn looking to relieve this discomfort. Our tables in the office are designed to accommodate an extended belly while the mom lies face down.  While there is no permanent solution until delivery day, chiropractic will make a correction to the lower spine, balance the pelvis and prepare the mother for an easier birth.  The freeing up of the spinal restrictions allow for proper brain and nerve connection allowing timely contractions in addition to proper pelvic relaxation allowing decreased labor time and less strain on the mom.

~ Dr. Jonathan

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