Chiropractic Care and Birth


      At this point in the pregnancy most mothers are getting quite uncomfortable. They have gained a good portion of weight (whether baby or personal weight) and they have trouble finding a comfortable position to relax and sleep in. Furthermore, mom is getting excited to meet junior who she has worked so hard to develop over the last nine months. I have a question for you: why are births in this country considered a traumatic event while in third world countries many mothers will give birth and in the same day return to their daily tasks? I believe I have an answer for you. In our western culture we have taken away the power of the mother. We have given her body credit to develop a fetus over the past nine months but we have this unwritten outlook that the body that developed the baby, a true miracle, does not have the know how or ability to deliver that miracle. There are a few reasons I believe why the birth in the western world has become a traumatic event and I would like to discuss in this blog about how chiropractic can assist in the delivery day.

Our culture has adapted to a sedentary life style which happens to make delivery difficult. For example we sit often throughout the day instead of squatting. What does this have to do with delivery? Well, sitting weakens our core muscles and pelvic floor muscles making it difficult to deliver the fetus. As a result, delivery can be difficult and prolonged, tiring the mother outand causing more pain. Many third world countries squat for their activities (bathroom, meetings, meals) throughout the day. Although this concept is slowly changing for the better, many western births are performed while the mother is on her back.This prolongs the birthing process as much of the baby weight will put pressure on the mother’s nervous system and arteries, decreasing the communication from the uterus to the brain’s regulating center. Furthermore, back birthing positions are not conducive with gravity. A squatting birth process works with gravity, takes pressure off the nerves and speeds up the pushing process. Back births are preferred by the doctors so they can sit and rest their arms on the bed. Makes you wonder whose interest is priority here!

Chiropractic helps speed up the birthing process by allowing proper nerve function. In turn this assures full muscle contractions timed perfectly as sensory input from the nerve endings indicate the contractions should be. Additionally, full nerve function allows for proper dilation as the motherreaches closer to delivery. However, chiropractic works in more ways than just the nerve function. Proper pelvic alignment allows enough space for the baby to pass through the pelvic cavity to the outside world. If the alignment is altered, there will be insufficient room for the baby to pass through the canal for delivery. Congratulations to you if you are a mother who has gone through this wonderful delivery experience! You have done an amazing job and should be awarded for such. For those of you who are looking toward this moment, feel empowered! Your body had the ability to take two cells and make a human life, and it has the ability to deliver this human.

~ Dr. Jonathan

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