Formula Comparisons

As a Lactation Counselor, people tend to get nervous speaking about formula with me. Yes, I am a Lactation Counselor. Yes, I am very pro-breast. Yes, I focus a lot of my education on breastfeeding. BUT, that doesn’t mean I am anti-formula. I support a family with whatever decision they feel is best for THEIR family. If they want to breastfeed (in any way)-GREAT. If they want to supplement- GREAT. If they want to exclusively formula feed- GREAT.

Recently, reached out to me regarding a recent research project they conducted on over 90 popular infant formulas. After their research was completed, they chose their top favorite picks in categories such as budget friendly, soy, organic, and generic. Their explanations were quite thorough and they really did their research.

The review is quite extensive, which is wonderful! I strongly encourage you to take the time and read through. We can’t tell you which formula to feed your baby. It is up to you to do your own research and choose the best one that you are comfortable with to start out with! This is a great start to your research…


Baby Formula Comparisons