Postpartum Chiropractic Care


Baby’s Mom needs care too!

Post birth is a recovery process for the mother after delivering her child. The tissues of the pelvis need to stretch in order to allow the baby’s head and body to pass through. Sometimes, the mother will tear if the opening is not large enough for the body and head. Consequently, the pelvis at the pubic synthesis and bilateral sacroiliac joints will expand to allow the baby to descend through the pelvis. If the mother is not lined up properly afterwards the expansion of the latter three areas can cause improper biomechanics. Chiropractic care affects the nervous system which helps the mother ‘perform’ her duties and heal optimally.

A mother who is nursing a baby is not just passing milk through her breasts to enable her child to eat and grow. There is an underlying interaction between mother and baby which many are not aware of. The mother’s nipple has nerve endings in it which will read a nursing babies saliva to indicate what the baby needs for their immune system. For example, if the baby is fighting off a pathogen, whether it be bacterial or viral, the mother’s nerve endings will sense this in the baby’s saliva and will pass along antigens to help fight the pathogen the baby is currently fighting.

This one is for the men! If you want to get out of changing a dirty diaper then there is scientific proof that women should change the diaper. There have been scientific studies showing that when a mother “sniffs” a dirty diaper the mother’s breast milk will change to what is necessary for the babies health. Before I receive lots of hate mail from all of you hard working mothers, give me a chance to redeem myself. Have your men change the diaper and “sniff” it when he is finished. All joking aside this neurological connection between mother and baby is scientifically studied and demonstrates the importance of mother and baby being in tune with one another for the baby’s health.

In practice I have been blessed to work with postpartum mothers with various conditions after birth. Many of the conditions which chiropractic works with on the postpartum mothers deals with balancing the pelvic structures and relaxing the low back. Chiropractic helps keep the mother’s nervous system in optimal function so that baby and mother can recover best after birth.

~ Dr. Jonathan

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