Fire Tonic- A Natural Immunity Booster

With cold and flu season upon us, I take all measures possible to stay healthy the natural way. With a preschooler bringing home all kinds of germs, it isn't easy! But I have recently been introduced to Fire Tonic and I have fallen in love. I love it so much, I have decided to make my own. Now what exactly is Fire Tonic? (more…)

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 Infants and Chiropractic Care

"I dedicate this blog to a little guy who has had a rough go at life just within the first few days. While he lies in the NICU fighting for strength this little one has been through more trauma than me and you.  This is my cousin’s little boy and thankfully through much prayer and wisdom of the doctors this young one is surviving bacterial meningitis. While we have no idea what the after effects will be, it is a miracle he was able to survive and I look forward to one day to hold him and meet him." -...

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The New York Milk Bank- Saving Babies One Ounce at a Time

Earlier this week, I had the absolute pleasure of touring the New York Milk Bank and meeting with Roseanne, the operations manager. This is a very special place where women can donate their extra breastmilk to babies in the NICU in order to help them "survive and thrive". It is a non-profit organization operated by five awesome ladies and several volunteers.  (more…)

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Formula Comparisons

As a Lactation Counselor, people tend to get nervous speaking about formula with me. Yes, I am a Lactation Counselor. Yes, I am very pro-breast. Yes, I focus a lot of my education on breastfeeding. BUT, that doesn't mean I am anti-formula. I support a family with whatever decision they feel is best for THEIR family. If they want to breastfeed (in any way)-GREAT. If they want to supplement- GREAT. If they want to exclusively formula feed- GREAT. (more…)

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Chiropractic Care and Birth

Birth-Day!       At this point in the pregnancy most mothers are getting quite uncomfortable. They have gained a good portion of weight (whether baby or personal weight) and they have trouble finding a comfortable position to relax and sleep in. Furthermore, mom is getting excited to meet junior who she has worked so hard to develop over the last nine months. I have a question for you: why are births in this country considered a traumatic event while in third world countries many mothers will give birth and in the same day return to their daily tasks? I believe I have an answer for you. In our western culture we...

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Aromatherapy Monday: Benefits for Labor and Birth

Aromatherapy has an array of benefits in all aspects of life. Labor and birth may be the hardest yet most incredible moment of a woman's life. Aromatherapy provides several benefits on this journey. In the upcoming weeks, we will talk about how to apply essential oils while in labor, which ones to use, and the do's and don'ts! (more…)

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Adjusting Your First Child to the New Baby

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As a Postpartum Doula, I get asked quite frequently by second time parents how to introduce their new baby to an older sibling (who is still pretty young). To this point, big brother or sister has been the only child. They got mommy’s attention whenever they wanted it. They were the star of the show! Now this new little person enters the home and big brother or sister may not quite know how to handle it. Here are a few tips to help with the adjustment. (more…)

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