Pregnant with Our Rainbow – Pregnancy After Loss

Some people who haven’t experienced a loss would think that getting pregnant after a loss would be exciting. You’re pregnant again! Yay! What they don’t think of is the gut wrenching anxiety that comes along with it. The roller coaster ride of emotions. The fear of the unknown. The lack of blissful naivetes of an expecting parent. (more…)

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Aromatherapy Monday: General Safety Rules

Essential Oils are concentrated liquids (essences, not actual oils) that have been pressed or distilled from various parts of plants. The key word is "concentrated" and while they have amazing health benefits, they can be have some serious side effects if not used properly. Here are some general safety rules regarding Essential Oils and Aromatherapy whether you are pregnant or not... (more…)

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The Rainbow After the Storm- Luciano’s Birth Story

We all have our perfect vision of how our birth will go, yet most of the time birth never goes as planned. Even as a doula, I had in mind how I wanted this birth to go. I was much more informed this time (I became a doula after my first pregnancy) and knew my choices. I was prepared to be flexible with my “plans” but I still had a vision. (more…)

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A Dad’s Birth Experience

When we talk about birth and the transition to parenthood, we almost always talk about mom. What was HER birth experience? How is SHE feeling? Don’t get me wrong, this is very much what we want. But very rarely do we check in on how the dad or partner is doing with the transition. We can’t forget about them! I’ve reached out to dads and partners to see their birth experience through their eyes. Here is one amazing dad’s experience… (more…)

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Doulas and Partners- It’s Teamwork!

When a mom brings up wanting to hire a doula for her birth, her partner may be a little skeptical. Is this person replacing me? What can she do that I can’t? Does my partner not think I can handle this? Guess what- it’s none of those! Your doula would be a member of your team! She doesn’t replace you. Your partner has all the confidence in you. Your doula, your OB or midwife, the nurses, and you are all part of mom’s birth team! You all work together to help mom have a beautiful birth experience. So how can...

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Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy of the Mother

Chiropractic Care for pregnancy aches

Dr. Jonathan Dale of Dale Family Chiropractic is our guest this week! The mother’s body changes as she undergoes the event of pregnancy.  During the first 3 weeks of pregnancy a major miracle takes place.  Where two cells meet together, they rapidly divide and become 10 trillion cells each with a distinct purpose to develop into a target organ with specific functions.  The whole 35-40 weeks is a crucial time period to ensure optimal development.  (more…)

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