Breastfeeding Support

The world of breastfeeding can be intimidating for moms (and partners!). I’ll sit with you to help squash any fears you may have and to discuss various things such as:

  • Knowing what is normal or when you need specialized care
  • Discovering comfortable positions for mom and baby
  • Establishing helpful routines
  • Establishing a good latch
  • Establishing a good milk supply
  • Learning to use and care for your pump (a new best friend to some families!)
  • Proper milk storage
  • Preparing to return to work
  • Weaning Support
  • Weighted Feedings

Prenatal Visit

I’ll go over the basics of breastfeeding and prepare areas of the home for a comfortable nursing environment.

$75 (2 hours)

Home Visit

*Currently breastfeeding support is being offered to Birth and Postpartum clients only*

Our goal is to accomplish a comfortable and beautiful breastfeeding experience. Together, we will work with various nursing positions, latch techniques, baby cues, and obstacles encountered. This includes unlimited texting or emailing within 48 hours of visit.

$100 Initial visit (2 hours)

$65 Follow up visit

$30 Phone call follow up (half hour)


Distance Support

This is mainly for support for situations such as returning to work, pump schedules, weaning support, and follow up questions.


Contact me today to schedule your appointment!

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