Doula At Your Fingertips

This is not your typical Virtual Doula.

For those who may not want an additional support person in the room, cannot afford both a birth center/home birth and doula, cannot have an additional support person with them, but would still like that extra support person behind them….I’ve created a few virtual options for you! Or you are new to the more natural world and would love some guidance. These virtual options allow you to have access to me through texting or email (phone calls at times that my schedule allow it) during your parenthood journey.

Birth Consultation/Birth Wishes

Birth rarely goes as “planned” so I dislike the term “Birth Plan”. This 2 hour consultation via FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Meet will help you navigate all the choices that may come up during your labor and birth. By narrowing down what your wishes would be for Scenerios A, B, C, and D, you can hopefully feel more empowered for whichever direction your birth journey heads in.

Cost: $175 / 2 hours

Birth Virtual Support

With inflation and current hospital policies, it can be difficult to have a doula at your physical side. I am that thinking-out-the-box expert you can reach out to during labor for position suggestions, emotional support, bounce ideas off of, etc. Maybe your partner will feel more empowered to support you by having that unbiased person at their fingertips to guide them through a situation. Or you may want the reminders through a quick text to drink water, switch positions, eat a snack. Maybe you are having prodromal labor and need suggestions to help your body. I’ll be there for that!

$200 Unlimited text (and phone calls if the moment for me allows it) during labor and birth

Pregnancy and Postpartum Virtual Support

Pregnancy is a time of preparation and self-care. That being said, a million questions may go through your head. The internet has so much information that it’s overwhelming and when you are sleep deprived and exhausted with a newborn, it’s a relief to know an expert is at your fingertips. I’m here to give you suggestions, resources, and answer any question you may have.

  • Round ligament pain?
  • Breeched baby?
  • “Does this look normal…?”
  • Snack suggestions?
  • Checklist for hospital, birth center, or home births?
  • Anything pumping or breastfeeding!
  • Baby is cranky?
  • Breasts engorged?
  • Postpartum cramps are more than you anticipated?
  • Bottle feeding questions?
  • Would like more natural or eco friendly suggestions?
  • Growth spurts?
  • cloth diapers?
  • Going back to work?
  • Postpartum blues, anxiety, overwhelm, or depression?
  • Where are great places for outings in each season?
  • When to give first solids and what?
  • Packing list for vacation?
  • Latch all of a sudden feels off?
  • Teething?
  • First illness?
  • Parenting book suggestions?

I’m here to talk you through situations, give suggestions and resources, or just be a non-judging ear for you to decompress.

$100 for unlimited text and email during pregnancy

$100 for unlimited text and email newborn period to 6 months old

$100 for unlimited text and email 6 months to 1 year old

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Danielle Sariyan
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