Postpartum Doula

A Postpartum Doula doesn’t take over the work of a mother, like a babysitter does. I help to empower the mother, support her, and guide her through the amazing transition of motherhood. Keeping the “mother in mind”, my duties allow the mother to mentally and physically recover from childbirth while creating an everlasting bond with her new child.

mani della famiglia

I absolutely support the family’s parenting style but may also open doors to a whole new world that the parents didn’t even know existed, such as breastfeeding beyond a year old or co-sleeping. A custom package can be created to meet your needs. 

Postpartum In-Home Support

In-home postpartum services are for Warren, Sussex, Hunterdon, Morris, and Passaic counties only.

  • Text, phone and email support during our contracted time
  • 4-hour shifts

• Infant Education, such as feeding, diapering skills, burping techniques, bathing, cord care, circumcision care, dressing baby, when to call the doctor, and normal newborn behavior

• Making sure the mother is fed, well hydrated, and comfortable

• Non-judgmental emotional support, encouragement, and positive affirmations

• Light household chores, such as cooking, laundry, dishes, picking up/organizing, nursery organization, pet care, quick food/pharmacy shopping, running errands

• Preparation of bottles and washing/cleaning/sterilizing

• Short infant care so mama can shower, go for a walk, or just have a few minutes to herself
• Screening for postpartum depression
• Referrals to local resources

Welcome Home!

One day of support the first day home

Fee: $250.00

Let’s Get Settled

6 days of support the first 2 weeks home

Package Fee: $1,140.00

Additional days are $190 per day

Last Minute Doula for a Day 

Booked within 24 hours of a shift starting and if my calendar permits.

Fee: $350

 Postpartum Virtual Support

Your baby is home, and, in your head, you ask, “Now what?” A million questions may go through your head and the internet has so much information that it’s overwhelming! When you are sleep deprived and exhausted with a newborn, it’s a relief to know an expert is at your fingertips. I’m here to give you suggestions, resources, and answer any question you may have.

  • Anything pumping or breastfeeding!
  • Baby is cranky?
  • Breasts engorged?
  • Postpartum cramps are more than you anticipated?
  • Bottle feeding questions?
  • Growth spurts?
  • Going back to work?
  • Would like more natural or ecofriendly suggestions/remedies?
  • Cloth diapers?
  • Postpartum blues, anxiety, overwhelm, or depression?
  • Where are great places for outings in each season?
  • When to give first solids and what?
  • Packing list for vacation?
  • Teething?
  • First illness?
  • Parenting book suggestions?

I’m here to talk you through situations, give suggestions and resources, or just be a non-judging ear for you to decompress.

Fee: $300 for unlimited text and email newborn period to 3 months old

Fee: $300 for unlimited text and email 3 months to 6 months old

Searching for the perfect baby shower gift? A Postpartum Doula makes a great gift! 

Gift Certificates are available!

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