Congratulations!! You have a bun in the oven!! The first thing you are probably asking yourself is, “okay, so what do I eat!??” If you are anything like I was when I first became pregnant, you are probably feeling very confused and left hearing a million different suggestions on how important it is to get your protein and take your prenatal or you’ve probably heard, “just eat what you’re craving!” The amount of advice coming your way can be quite overwhelming and can leave you feeling like you don’t even know where to start. I would like to help you...

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Aromatherapy Monday: Essential Oil Buying and Storage Guide

Great care needs to be taken when it comes to buying and storing Essential Oils. They are not FDA regulated nor is there any body that formally controls and regulates essential oils, especially with a "grading" system. There is no such thing as "Therapeutic grade" or "Aromatherapy grade". Do you complete research, speak to a certified aromatherapist (and not essential oil users on the internet), and follow simple guidelines when making a purchase.  (more…)

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The Rainbow After the Storm- Luciano’s Birth Story

We all have our perfect vision of how our birth will go, yet most of the time birth never goes as planned. Even as a doula, I had in mind how I wanted this birth to go. I was much more informed this time (I became a doula after my first pregnancy) and knew my choices. I was prepared to be flexible with my “plans” but I still had a vision. (more…)

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A Dad’s Birth Experience

When we talk about birth and the transition to parenthood, we almost always talk about mom. What was HER birth experience? How is SHE feeling? Don’t get me wrong, this is very much what we want. But very rarely do we check in on how the dad or partner is doing with the transition. We can’t forget about them! I’ve reached out to dads and partners to see their birth experience through their eyes. Here is one amazing dad’s experience… (more…)

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Doulas and Partners- It’s Teamwork!

When a mom brings up wanting to hire a doula for her birth, her partner may be a little skeptical. Is this person replacing me? What can she do that I can’t? Does my partner not think I can handle this? Guess what- it’s none of those! Your doula would be a member of your team! She doesn’t replace you. Your partner has all the confidence in you. Your doula, your OB or midwife, the nurses, and you are all part of mom’s birth team! You all work together to help mom have a beautiful birth experience. So how can...

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Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy of the Mother

Chiropractic Care for pregnancy aches

Dr. Jonathan Dale of Dale Family Chiropractic is our guest this week! The mother’s body changes as she undergoes the event of pregnancy.  During the first 3 weeks of pregnancy a major miracle takes place.  Where two cells meet together, they rapidly divide and become 10 trillion cells each with a distinct purpose to develop into a target organ with specific functions.  The whole 35-40 weeks is a crucial time period to ensure optimal development.  (more…)

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What’s Up With Birth Doula Fees?

How Much do Doulas Cost?

When searching for a Birth Doula, you may notice it’s not one set fee across the board. They can range anywhere from free to $2500.00 – even in the same geographical area. So where does a Doula’s fees come from? Trust me, we aren’t pulling it out of thin air or trying to take advantage by creating a “high fee.” There is much to consider when setting a fee, including packages offered, skills offered, various trainings offered, and so on. This is also our career for many of us. It’s not a hobby. So we need to try to earn a...

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What is a Bereavement Doula?

Teddy bear in an empty nursery-bereavement care

There are a lot of different types of doulas out there, besides the known Birth Doula and the Postpartum Doula. I could get into the different types and how they are beneficial to many different situations. One in particular is one that I have studied, certified in, and is close to my heart. The Bereavement Doula. This type of doula is needed way more than we could ever imagine, yet the needs are a taboo subject. Miscarriages occur 1 in 4 pregnancies, stillbirths are 1 in 160 birth, and fatal diagnoses each have their own statistic. So what exactly is...

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