Pregnant with Our Rainbow – Pregnancy After Loss

Some people who haven’t experienced a loss would think that getting pregnant after a loss would be exciting. You’re pregnant again! Yay! What they don’t think of is the gut wrenching anxiety that comes along with it. The roller coaster ride of emotions. The fear of the unknown. The lack of blissful naivetes of an expecting parent. (more…)

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The Rainbow After the Storm- Luciano’s Birth Story

We all have our perfect vision of how our birth will go, yet most of the time birth never goes as planned. Even as a doula, I had in mind how I wanted this birth to go. I was much more informed this time (I became a doula after my first pregnancy) and knew my choices. I was prepared to be flexible with my “plans” but I still had a vision. (more…)

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What is a Bereavement Doula?

Teddy bear in an empty nursery-bereavement care

There are a lot of different types of doulas out there, besides the known Birth Doula and the Postpartum Doula. I could get into the different types and how they are beneficial to many different situations. One in particular is one that I have studied, certified in, and is close to my heart. The Bereavement Doula. This type of doula is needed way more than we could ever imagine, yet the needs are a taboo subject. Miscarriages occur 1 in 4 pregnancies, stillbirths are 1 in 160 birth, and fatal diagnoses each have their own statistic. So what exactly is...

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