“Enormous thank you to Donna for being such a huge part of my pregnancy and birth experience. I cannot imagine going through the last 35 weeks (or this life) without the guidance and support of Donna at Mother in Mind Doula!” ~ D.S.

“I honestly cannot stop talking about how wonderful the experience was. I feel so prepared and so informed and relaxed now.” ~ D.S (full day prenatal class)

“I love breast feeding and it’s so rewarding but that’s not to say it’s always easy. After going back to work I found myself “running low”. Having a great friend and lactation consultant who really knows her stuff and cares about what she does makes the hard times of breast feeding so much easier and less stressful. Thank you so much” ~K.E.

“…just wanted to say how amazing Donna is! I don’t even know where to start! She helped me get on my feet faster, helped so much w/ the baby, organized the house, provided numerous tips on baby care, healing, etc. etc. She made things so much easier overall, not sure what I would have done without her. I could not have imaged a better experience.” ~K.C.

“You’re a natural. We couldn’t have had the birth we had without you!” ~K.M.

“Donna is amazing. I had her as a postpartum doula and to say that she was a life saver is an understatement. With the anxiety, feeling of being overwhelmed and depression, Donna was not only at my house but available by phone whenever i needed her (still today ten months later) !!! If anyone is having a baby… I swear you need donna more then you know!” ~B.L

“Donna is an unbelievable resource for postpartum moms! She has been able to answer all of my off the wall breastfeeding questions and has been a huge support for me. She is definitely one of the reasons I’ve been able to continue nursing my daughter as long as I have (23 months and counting!). She is kind, supportive, and an all around wonderful woman. Her passion for helping pregnant and postpartum women is amazing and it shows in her work. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a great support system during pregnancy or after you’ve given birth.” ~A.N.

“Donna was a life saver! She was so knowledgeable about all my breastfeeding issues and even went out of her way to pick me up some things to help my lactation when I was having trouble. She came to my house to drop them off for me. It is the little things like this that makes Donna perfect for this line of work. She is truly a kind and caring person.” ~K.E.

“We can’t thank you enough for being our rock. You kept us going even when we were sure it was time to give up. Our experience would not have been as fullfilling and amazing without you being there with us. No one should ever have a baby without you. We were so fortunate to have you on our team. Thank you again.” L.M. (dad)

“I just really wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart…and for beinga part of a major life experience with us. You helped [mom] in ways I could never and I’m truly grateful we had you.” O.A. (dad)