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Reading has been such an important aspect in my life. I am constantly reading, whether it’s for pleasure or for education, and have been like this from the moment I learned to read. I could never get enough. Luckily, both my children share my love for reading¬† Every night we have to read (by their request!) at least one book and throughout the day someone is always bringing me a book.

My favorite children’s books I have come across is Usborne Books and More. My oldest absolutely LOVES them! They create a such a fun and interactive learning experience that my oldest doesn’t even realize he’s learning so much for his age. There is every topic you can think of in science, math, history, phonics, writing, and more. This has especially made homeschooling much easier than I anticipated! My 5 year old’s personal favorites are the Shine- a – Light books (Seashore!), Wipe Clean activity books (perfect for car rides and appointments), and Look Inside/ Lift-the-Flap (Look Inside Your Body).

I decided to join the Usborne Books and More family to share my love of reading and learning with others. Friends have loved them as gifts, have bought for their own children, and have hosted parties as a way to grow their library. I started thinking about the families I work with. What better way to help THEM grow their library?

There are so many ways to do this!

  • Host an online “Baby Shower”
  • Create a wish list to pass along to family and friends
  • Buy books directly
  • Buy books as a gift for someone else

You can take a look at all our amazing books here:

Shop Books Here

Please reach out if you would like to learn more about how to grow your baby’s library!

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